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20 Lost Girl icons for [livejournal.com profile] lostgirl20n20


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20 Lost Girl icons for [livejournal.com profile] lostgirl20n20


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This is a graphic mix of one picspam, two wallpapers, six icons and six gifs all made for the Squared challenge at whedonland. I hope you like them!

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I finished my Big Bang! The theme I used was BtVS Season 5.

6 picspams (25 caps each) - 150 points
2 wallpapers - 20 points
10 gifs - 20 points
10 icons - 10 points

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I posted some icons and banners for Seasonal Spuffy's free-for-all day, and here they are, for your viewing pleasure. :)


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THIS SHOW HAS GOTTEN GOOD AGAIN! I'm so happy for that, because I was doubting for a while there with all the werewolves. Last weeks episode was good and this one was pure flail and now we have to wait until April? That's just mean.

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There was a good article on Buffy today in the Swedish newspaper Expressen, written by Hanna Höglund, and I was bored and I do need to work on my English, so I translated it. Probably full of grammatical errors, but hopefully mostly understandable. Original article (in Swedish) can be found here

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As usual, I've been watching lots of TV lately (and yet my list of series to watch is only getting longer. Oh, the woe) and here are some random thoughts on the things occupying my mind. Beware: it's ridiculously long, and not insightful at all. Also has occasional spoilers for the different shows, of different degrees.

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Doctor Who )

Veronica Mars )

The Vampire Diaries )

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This show has become one of my favorite shows that's still going, and I just caught up with it today. Yes, the first few episodes were really bad, and I almost gave up (though I'd heard that it got better, so I continued) but then things started to get interesting, and the last few days I've been watching a lot.

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I just re-watched Hell's Bells, and realized it's a really good episode. It's also one of the more painful episodes, for me at least, and I hate Xander in it, but it has lots of great scenes. Among these there's the Spike/Buffy scene, and that one made my internal list of most favorite scenes I think, I absolutely adore it. The tone, the honesty, the acting, everything about it is perfect. So, I made a picspam! My first picspam ever, which I use as an excuse for its badness, but here it is. 

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I finally finished Behemoth today! It was awesome, and it wasn't one of those disappointing sequels for which I am so happy. It was fun, with great pacing, great new character, wonderful setting and exciting plot with plenty of loose ends to tie in the next book!

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OH GOD. I haven't really had a problem with Sam Finn before, but this time... I HATE HER! STOP TALKING! STOP TRYING TO ACT! GO AWAY! And Riley too. Yuck.

Apart from the parts with Riley and Sam I found I did actually like it more then I thought. Willow was cute and Dawn was nice and Xander/Anya was Xander/Anya. There was shirtless!Spike which the shallow parts of me always appreciate, and there are good things happening with Spike/Buffy. I think Buffy breaking off the relationship is necessary at this point, for her, but I do not like that it's Riley who does it, like he's so perfect. And the whole Spike-is-the-Doctor is just ridiculous and doesn't make the least bit of sense. Also, JM is so much love. The things he can do with his face are just amazing. I liked the episode more than I thought (which is pretty common, BtVS just keeps overwhelming me), but Sam made me want to through things at her.
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I made some icons today, and got pretty satisfied with them (though I'm still seriously jealous of people way more talented than me but hey - I've been doing this seriously for not even two months, so I have some right to suck) and will try to make more tomorrow.  

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Remind me again why I live so far up?

There's snow everywhere, and it's not even November. It alternates between kinda warm (and then the snow halfmelts and it's wet and slushy everywhere) and cold (when the halfmelted snow turns into ice) and I want it to be summer again. I don't have anything in particular against snow, but it couldn't have waited like a month before it turned up? *sigh*

I've lived in this town all my life, and I do like it here, but sometimes the weather is just... sucky. I think I almost fell four times with my bike going into the city and back again. Please summer, don't leave me already?
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I'm currently re-watching S2 of Buffy with my family, who's never seen it before, and it's real fun.

rambling a bit about S2 and some comparisons between B/A and S/B )

On a completely different note (well still on Buffy I guess), I noticed that all the Initiative boys have guest starred on Castle, which I found kind of funny. First Bailey Chase (Graham), then Marc Blucas (Riley) and now Leonard Roberts (Forrest), and yes, I squee every time someone from the Whedonverse guest stars on anything, I'm silly that way. Also, [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy has begun, yay!
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Yesterday, after watching Monday's episode of HIMYM, I really felt like watching more comedies, and since I've been meaning to watch Community for a while now, I saw the Pilot. And then I saw some more. Like, a lot more.

I didn't really like the Pilot, well, it wasn't bad, bud didn't wow me or anything, but I still felt like giving it another shot. One episode turned into two turned into three and now I've watched 16 episodes in two days, and it's been like the only thing I've done these days. Obviously, I like it. I like it a lot. And I hate that I always miss out on the beginnings of these shows. Seriously, why can't I catch anything from th beginning? Maybe I'll do that more now, since I'm definitely more involved in fandom now. Anyway, I have thoughts.

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There's been fic-reading in the week too, pretty much of it, and not that much TV (until my Community-obsessing). I really have to get back to watching Castle, I'm on a mini-hiatus right now it seems. I'm at a Buffy episode in my BtVS/AtS re-watch though, but it's As You Were, and I have issues with that episode. And then there's more episodes of pain. And Angel S3. But I am looking forward to continue that re-watch anyway, as well as the S2 I am one with the family that probably will be continuing this week.


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