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Yesterday, after watching Monday's episode of HIMYM, I really felt like watching more comedies, and since I've been meaning to watch Community for a while now, I saw the Pilot. And then I saw some more. Like, a lot more.

I didn't really like the Pilot, well, it wasn't bad, bud didn't wow me or anything, but I still felt like giving it another shot. One episode turned into two turned into three and now I've watched 16 episodes in two days, and it's been like the only thing I've done these days. Obviously, I like it. I like it a lot. And I hate that I always miss out on the beginnings of these shows. Seriously, why can't I catch anything from th beginning? Maybe I'll do that more now, since I'm definitely more involved in fandom now. Anyway, I have thoughts.

not 100% spoiler-free )
There's been fic-reading in the week too, pretty much of it, and not that much TV (until my Community-obsessing). I really have to get back to watching Castle, I'm on a mini-hiatus right now it seems. I'm at a Buffy episode in my BtVS/AtS re-watch though, but it's As You Were, and I have issues with that episode. And then there's more episodes of pain. And Angel S3. But I am looking forward to continue that re-watch anyway, as well as the S2 I am one with the family that probably will be continuing this week.


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