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I made some icons today, and got pretty satisfied with them (though I'm still seriously jealous of people way more talented than me but hey - I've been doing this seriously for not even two months, so I have some right to suck) and will try to make more tomorrow.  

I've been watching more of Castle this weekend (though most of it was spent reading fanfiction) and this week, and I still really like the series. The thing I like most is definitely the characters. I love every single one of them and that is the biggest strength of the series. That and Nathan Fillion, who's just too funny.

I mean, not just is Castle wonderful and dorky and Beckett the bad-ass cop, all of the supporting characters are really great. Ryan and Esposito always shine things up for me, and I loved the episode that focused on Esposito I recently watched, since it really showed off their partnership and that they do care for each other a lot (I don't usually 'ship unconventional couples, but I kinda wanna see Ryan/Esposito get it off). Laney is sassy and I do like her friendship with Beckett a lot, as well as her and Castle's snarky dialogue.

Castle's family is just... Oh so awesome. I love his mother. She's just so colorful and bring that spark into their family. And Alexis! She's just so much like me (except prettier and more popular) when I was that age and I've said it before, I'll say it again: Castle's relationship with his daughter is one of the best father/daughter-relationship ever. It reminds me so much of me and my dad, and It's wonderful. Sometimes it annoys me, that there's always so many mother/daughter-relationships in fiction, since I've never had that with my mother, and I'm a bit jealous I guess. I'm a lot closer with my dad, which makes it great to see those relationships now and then.

Demming bugs me. A lot. Which probably is the point with his character, but anyway. My heart just broke for him in the last episode I saw, where he caught Beckett kissing him. Nathan Fillion really pulled it off in that scene, proving that he can do other stuff than comedy (as if I didn't know this after Firefly/Serenity). It reminds me of that FBI guy that was together with Brennan over on Bones... God, I hated him too, but yeah, that's probably the point (even though I like Hodgins/Angela more then Brennan/Booth on Bones, just because B/B is so never-going-to-happen). After I'm caught up with Castle (I only have one episode from S2 and all of S3 so far) I'll probably watch The Vampire Diaries, since everyone seems to be loving it. I'm all for ladies kicking ass, so hopefully it'll be as good as everyone says!


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