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As usual, I've been watching lots of TV lately (and yet my list of series to watch is only getting longer. Oh, the woe) and here are some random thoughts on the things occupying my mind. Beware: it's ridiculously long, and not insightful at all. Also has occasional spoilers for the different shows, of different degrees.

Misfits. God, this show. It owns my soul. See, I'd seen tons of people saying it was so good, but I figured it was just your ordinary teenage drama series, which just had me mildly interested. Then, I caught up on the fact that they had superpowers. Cue immediate desperation to watch it. And it's just as good as everyone says it is.

Even though it does have kind of a dark tone, it's so much fun (oh Nathan, you always make me laugh, and I love you even though you're a major jerk a lot of the time). It has just the right amount of everything, both the drama and the funny. Also, I have a thing for superpowers. They're cool. It's just so much fun to see all the powers the people behind the show can come up with and use (Lactokinesis guy!) and so far they've had some great ideas. Like the guy who thought he lived in GTA, he was seriously creepy and it felt original (and my brother had a huge fanboy moment when I showed him that episode, GTA is his favorite game).

I'm kind of loving Simon/Alisha too. I think I was spoiled on the whole future!Simon deal (my memory fails me) and I knew Simon and Alisha were going to get it on, no matter how unlikely it seemed in series 1. They made it play out well, I think (plus Iwan Rheon and Antonia Thomas are gorgeous together) and I'm really excited to how it will develop in series 3. Can't wait for series 3 either, I have NO IDEA how I'm supposed to wait for like, a year for it. I'm already super-anxious and I hate cliffhangers with a fiery passion. That's the advantage of watching series that are already off the air. I usually try to take some sort of break between seasons, just because, but that tactic usually majorly fails, since I have no patience whatsoever sometimes.

Doctor Who. I'm a total newbie when it comes to the Whoverse overall, and just recently started with series 5 of new!Who. I remember watching some episode of some Who-series a long time ago, but back then I just thought it was weird. Now, however, I like it so far. (I'm up to episode 11, The Lodger). I love Eleven, and I love his friendship with Amy. Amy herself is awesome and Rory is so much love. (I totally did not know how much I loved him before he disappeared/died/whatever. I know he's coming back, somehow, but I want it to be NOW). I've liked what I've seen of River Song, and the Weeping Angels scared the hell out of me. (Perhaps it wasn't the smartest thing to watch both the episode of series 5 with them, along with Blink at the same time). I'll probably go back and watch new!Who from the beginning when I'm done with series 5, depending on what other TV-shows I'm planning on watching, we'll see.

Veronica Mars. I was really, really excited for VMars, since everyone says it's so good, especially the first season, but I've only been kinda meh so far. I find myself getting bored in the middle of episodes, and I don't have that craving to continue watching, you know? I have no idea why I'm not liking it, 'cause I really want to, but something isn't working. Though, there are moments where I get really impressed and do see all the great things (Logan getting beat up, for example) but then I find my enthusiasm lacking again in the next episode. I'll keep on trying , and maybe when it gets to the Logan/Veronica stuff I will get more caught, I don't know. Then again, I got bored with BtVS during S3, and took a long break from that, so me getting bored doesn't mean I won't get there eventually, I hope.

The Vampire Diaries. ENOUGH WITH THE WEREWOLVES ALREADY! I couldn't care less about Tyler or Tyler/Caroline. Don't get me wrong, I love Caroline like burning (she's my favorite, and I've loved her since the start) but Tyler does absolutely nothing to me, and the bone-breaking transformation was just gross. More Caroline on her own, or interacting with some other characters, please!

The Cape. I'm getting excited about this, and I really hope it's good. It does seem pretty good on the trailers, and it has Summer Glau and she makes pretty much everything better in my book. It's nice to be with something from the start too, I feel like I'm always catching up on stuff (with my luck, it'll probably suck or get cancelled immediately though).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know, not new, not even currently running, but my love for this show is eternal (or something). I got Season 3 for christmas, but it was more like a present for all of the family since everyone has been dying to continue where Season 2 left off. We've already powdered through the first ten episodes and gotten my stepsister (here for a visit, she lives in another city) obsessed too. Since I hate spoilers myself I'm dead set against revealing anything, but it would be so much fun to just go ahead and let the spoilers flow. I mean, imagine their faces if I told them that the Buffy proclaims her love for Spike in the last episode of the series? Or that Xander almost marries that demon Anya, you know that one from the Wish episode?

I'm kinda afraid my step-mom will become a Bangel though. Right now they're all for it, naturally, since it's S3 and it's their first time and everything, but she seems really enthusiastic, and I don't know if she likes Spike very much. Dad likes him though, and I can see him shipping Spuffy (and I probably shouldn't think so much about my family's shipping preferences). Personally, I find myself rolling my eyes at most of the Bangel drama, and I want it to be over.

I've been trying to identify more with Buffy during this re-watch, and trying to see things from her POV more (instead of Willow's or Spike's which are my natural places) but I find it really hard to get in her mind-set. I think it's partly because so much of Buffy's emotional development and drama has been centering around her and Angel, and I really don't know what she sees in him. I honestly don't get why they're supposedly soulmates, and I don't think we're ever shown which of Angel's qualities that makes Buffy love him? Or maybe it's because he's just not my type at all (I like my men with personalities, thank you very much. I can see how you could fall in love with him on Ats, but on BtVS? Does absolutely nothing for me.) I don't know. I'll continue trying to get Buffy, 'cause I think it is important in understanding the show, and I really want to get her like other people do.


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