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There was a good article on Buffy today in the Swedish newspaper Expressen, written by Hanna Höglund, and I was bored and I do need to work on my English, so I translated it. Probably full of grammatical errors, but hopefully mostly understandable. Original article (in Swedish) can be found here

Scenes of loneliness

Hanna Höglund says goodbye to a true superhero: Buffy with her vampires.

The vampire hunter Buffy the vampire slayer is living a highly present life in pop culture and fan fiction-writing feminists hearts, despite the fact that it’s soon seven years since the tv-series went out with a bang. Buffy is the superhero who’s nostalgically referred to when you indignantly see right-wing Christian morals and abstinence as ideals surround the latest American vampire-wave, with significantly weaker main female characters. This week the final part of Buffy’s eight season which has continued in Alan Moore-inspired Comic book form comes out, and there are still words such as subversity, the female object and emancipated pan-sexuality that follows the series. This theory formation is probably good but might, honestly speaking, take the edge of the viewing and reading interest for most people.

 Because this is the series were nerd humor, the own language slang “Buffy-speak” and most of all the focus on the characters’ fear, loneliness and group dynamics are the keys to the icon status. It’s this portrayal of anxiety that especially seasons five, sex and seven delve deep into, that has made friend upon friend amongst my acquaintances – women and men, straight and gay, city-dwellers and countryfolk – to take to Buffy when you’ve fallen into depression and other downs in life. And that’s pretty unique for a show that begun as an opretto high school comedy with a horror twist. Buffy’s creator Joss Whedon’s way to let demons and vampires mirror what goes on inside of the characters has created circles on the water in the fantasy world. Not only the spin-off series Angel works in the same way. I’d like to go so far as to say that all fantasy and half fantasy that has come in the latest decade – among those Harry Potter and the Twilight-saga – has features of this dark existentialism.

What is it that we experience in Harry’s, Ron’s and Hermione’s escape tent during the latest Harry Potter movies if not magically enhanced loneliness, fear, and group dynamic fractions? And what is it that we see in Bella’s abandoned and empty look when the camera spins around her in the most beautiful moment of the New Moon movie, if not the supernatural loneliness that affects the one who loves a vanished vampire? And all this started with Buffy Summers, the loneliest heroine of them all. 

 When we now meet her for the last time this season it’s in and inter dimensional “Buffyverse” were everything is upside down and thrown around. The good and the evil has switched places and been loosened up, close friends have died in battle and humanity does not reckon itself to need a slayer when vampires are both cooler and have their own reality shows. I wouldn’t count on a happy ending, but on the other hand I’ve stopped doing that a long time ago, in the world spelled Whedon.

Written by Hanna Höglund, translated by [livejournal.com profile] ellievanna.


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