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I made some icons today, and got pretty satisfied with them (though I'm still seriously jealous of people way more talented than me but hey - I've been doing this seriously for not even two months, so I have some right to suck) and will try to make more tomorrow.  

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I'm currently re-watching S2 of Buffy with my family, who's never seen it before, and it's real fun.

rambling a bit about S2 and some comparisons between B/A and S/B )

On a completely different note (well still on Buffy I guess), I noticed that all the Initiative boys have guest starred on Castle, which I found kind of funny. First Bailey Chase (Graham), then Marc Blucas (Riley) and now Leonard Roberts (Forrest), and yes, I squee every time someone from the Whedonverse guest stars on anything, I'm silly that way. Also, [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy has begun, yay!
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Oh my God, I love their relationship soo much, totally my favorite thing ever about Castle (even though there are lots of other awesome things, their relationship is so epic). Their dialogue, their banter and their love is just the sweetest and funniest thing ever. Also, it reminds me a huge lot about the relationship I have with my dad. For the most time in fiction I feel that there are more Father/Son and Mother/Daughter dynamics, and I definitely connect more with my dad than my mom, so it's really nice to have such a great Father/Daughter relationship.

Spooooilers for Buffy S8 )

Now, I will finish this rambly (as usual) post, with basking in the glory that is no school tomorrow and that I get to sleep in the morning. *happy sigh*
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I stay up late at night, I have school early in the morning = I get really tired, like all the time. It sucks.

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Now i'll just send some love to people who cheered me up when I felt down, and go eat a cookie.


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