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I finished Mockingjay today, and God, do I have to write about it? LIKE YEAH! So, here goes:
Big time spoilers for Mockingjay )

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Oh my God, I love their relationship soo much, totally my favorite thing ever about Castle (even though there are lots of other awesome things, their relationship is so epic). Their dialogue, their banter and their love is just the sweetest and funniest thing ever. Also, it reminds me a huge lot about the relationship I have with my dad. For the most time in fiction I feel that there are more Father/Son and Mother/Daughter dynamics, and I definitely connect more with my dad than my mom, so it's really nice to have such a great Father/Daughter relationship.

Spooooilers for Buffy S8 )

Now, I will finish this rambly (as usual) post, with basking in the glory that is no school tomorrow and that I get to sleep in the morning. *happy sigh*
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Thoughts about S4 of the Guild and some HIMYM )
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I got Mockingjay yesterday! Woo! The third part in the Hunger Games trilogy, of which I've read the first two ones. I've read about half of it, so far, and it's starting to get exciting around now.

A few thoughts so far:
Spoilers for the Hunger Games )

I also watched the pilot of No Ordinary Family today, since it seemed like a show I'd like.

Spoilers for the pilot of NOF )

Also, I bought Season 2 of BtVS on DVD today! Yay! I'm watching it with my dad, but it goes kind of slow, though he likes it so far (even if we're still at Season 1, which is the worst, at least I think so.
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I stay up late at night, I have school early in the morning = I get really tired, like all the time. It sucks.

cut for TV rambling )
Now i'll just send some love to people who cheered me up when I felt down, and go eat a cookie.
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...or something. Soo, I've been lurking around LJ for a couple of months, and have now decided to join and possibly delurk (in a while at least, still a bit (okay, a lot) shy. I'm confused, a bit lost, and annoyed at my internet for being slow, but hopefully I'll get things more later. I'm a bit afraid that I'll do this post then ignore LJ completely, since it's kind of a tendency for me to de-lurk and den disappear (even if I've been lurking for a long time, it's a stupid thing I do). I'll probably just gush about my favorite tv-shows, or books, or whatever I'm in the mood for, but it won't be very interesting. Maybe, just maybe, will I post some icons sometime, but I'm really new into graphic-making. I want to contribute someway to the fandom, and I know for a fact that I' not good at writing (and sadly, get bored with it really fast) so hopefully graphics will be more of my cup of tea. This journal will probably be filled with grammatical errors, mis-spellings and just confusion, since English is not my native tounge (do you even say it like that?) I reckon myself pretty good still, so if hopefully you'll be able to understand some of what I write.

I should be studying right now, I have a powerpoint to do, and chemistry to grasp until tomorrow, but now that I've finally managed to get the courage to create an account I'll probably spend some time trying to figure out a few more things, and maybe even friend some of the people I've been secretely following. Just maybe.


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