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I'm currently re-watching S2 of Buffy with my family, who's never seen it before, and it's real fun.

It's the first time I actually get to watch it with somebody (even though I'm planning to force my friends to watch it) since I watched it online by myself the first time, and it get's a bit different. I find myself looking forward to certain episodes, and certain character's and oh my god I'm dying to spoil all the time, but I've managed to hold myself in. I want them to be surprised!

Anyway, we're only at S2 so far, and in the middle of the B/A debacle. I'm a bit scared that the family will 'ship B/A, since that really isn't my preference, and my step-mom certainly seem to like it (but then she's a sucker for a a traditional romance thing). My brother and step-brother seemed to like Spike though, so hopefully I'll have some defenders of my vampire.

I noticed Willow saying to Buffy, in the episode, whilst they were talking about Angel, how "perfect they were to each other" and that bothered me a bit. Have we ever seen anything they have in common? A conversation not about the next Big Bad in town? This is were logic fails B/A, we're told repeatedly how perfect they are, how they're soulmates, but I don't think we're ever shown. It's obvious from the beginning that they are supposed to fall in love, to have all that star-crossed thing, but I never really catch on why they fit together so good. (Also, the "When you kiss me, I wanna die" line was in the episode we watched tonight. Ugh. I don't even get that line, seriously? Isn't love supposed to make you want to live?) These are some of the reasons why I prefer S/B, they evolve, they aren't character's created to be in love with each other, it just happens through time. In the later seasons everyone's talking about how they not fit together, but they show us how well they actually do, be it logical or not.

I really do enjoy the earlier seasons though. The later seasons are my biggest love, but I do enjoy a lot of the comedy in S1 and S2. Even episodes I remember as lacking, like Some Assembly Required recently, does have a lot of redeeming values and they are funny. I was a bit afraid that they'd just give up after S1, since it has it's issues, but we've passed that too, and especially my dad is becoming quite a fan. I can't wait until the Angelus arc, so that we can get to the drama, that besides the comedy, is what makes the show so great (and because I'm sick of B/A to that point. Like, I laughed in relief when I got to the end of Surprise during my latest re-watch. I'm horrible, I know).

On a completely different note (well still on Buffy I guess), I noticed that all the Initiative boys have guest starred on Castle, which I found kind of funny. First Bailey Chase (Graham), then Marc Blucas (Riley) and now Leonard Roberts (Forrest), and yes, I squee every time someone from the Whedonverse guest stars on anything, I'm silly that way. Also, [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy has begun, yay!


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