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Soldier!Xander is actually pretty hot, I realized today. Normally Nicholas Brendon doesn't do it at all for me, but in the Halloween episode... I mean, just look at his arms? Not saying he tops Spike, 'cause he doesn't (just seeing the silhouette swaggering sets me off) but yeah. I'm really enjoying S2, especially now that we're passed the mildly lacking episodes, like Inca Mummy Girl and Reptile Boy (still have Bad Eggs and Ted though, not my favorites). Spike is a definite highlight, as is Dru (yes, I do like Dru, crazy ramblings and all) and I kinda like the innocence of the Scoobies as well. Also, the B/A starts for real in these episodes, and I'm already longing for Angelus. He's fuuun.

Oh, and Lie to Me has so much pretty Spike. Even though late-seasons!Spike is my biggest love there's so much of that persona in him here that I just love him so bad. In his first episode he just has a lot more personality then Angel, and JM truly is a much better actor then DB. At least now, DB does improve, especially as Angelus and on AtS, but right now, you can see the difference. I also absolutely adore Spike/Dru. Juliet and James have such amazing chemistry and Spike is so caring of Drusilla. He really loves her more than anything, which is more than Angelus, and perhaps even Angel does with anyone. Yes, I am a die-hard Spuffy and do not like Spike with other women after the dream scene in Out of my Mind, but Spike and Dru just has something special.

I finished Community this weekend too, and I want more! More! S2 is not as good as S1 was, at least not so far, but I did like the last episode, and I've seen some promo pics of the up-coming ones, and they look sort of awesome. Saw a tweet by Alison Brie that might have pointed to some Jeff/Annie-action, which I'm all for. I'm not that shippy though, in Community I do ship everyone/everyone. I'm not a big fan of Jeff/Britta, but I do like Jeff/Annie, Annie/Abed, Troy/Britta, Annie/Troy, Annie/Britta... You get the picture. The Abed/Troy bromance is maybe my favorite part though, they are just so. Much. Fun. I'm still not crazy about Pierce, but he is warming up to me, and I think Chang might be as well, however, I do NOT want Chang in the study group. DO NOT.

I don't know what to think about the last HIMYM episode. It had it's parts where I really laughed, but I still feel it's a bit caught in the badness that has been now since season 5, and I don't know why.

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