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I just re-watched Hell's Bells, and realized it's a really good episode. It's also one of the more painful episodes, for me at least, and I hate Xander in it, but it has lots of great scenes. Among these there's the Spike/Buffy scene, and that one made my internal list of most favorite scenes I think, I absolutely adore it. The tone, the honesty, the acting, everything about it is perfect. So, I made a picspam! My first picspam ever, which I use as an excuse for its badness, but here it is. 

SPIKE: Hello, Buffy.
SPIKE: It's a happy occasion. You meet my friend?
BUFFY: No. Not yet. But she seems like a very nice attempt at making me jealous.
SPIKE: Is it working?
BUFFY: A little. It doesn't change anything ... but if you're wildly curious, yeah, it hurts.
SPIKE: I'm sorry. Or, Good!

SPIKE: You want us to go?
BUFFY: No. No, I ... you have every right to be here. I pretty much deserve-
SPIKE: That's not true, you... God, this is hard.
BUFFY: Yeah.
SPIKE: I think we'll go.
BUFFY: Go where? To your place?
SPIKE: Yeah, I suppose. That was the idea.
BUFFY: Yeah.
SPIKE: Evil.
BUFFY: Of course.
SPIKE: But I won't. Or I... (frustrated) I'll just go. Give 'em my best or whatever. The happy couple.
BUFFY: I will.
SPIKE: It's nice to watch you be happy. For them, even. I don't see it a lot. You, uh... you glow.
BUFFY: That's because the dress is radioactive.

BUFFY: I should...
SPIKE: Yeah.
SPIKE: But it hurts?
BUFFY: Yeah.
SPIKE: Thanks.
BUFFY: You're welcome.


Screencaps from www.screencap-paradise.com/ and http://www.buffyworld.com/ 
Transcript from http://www.buffyworld.com/

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