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This show has become one of my favorite shows that's still going, and I just caught up with it today. Yes, the first few episodes were really bad, and I almost gave up (though I'd heard that it got better, so I continued) but then things started to get interesting, and the last few days I've been watching a lot.

- Damon is my favorite character, from the beginning. Which was what I expected, since he'd been compared to Spike, who is my favorite character ever. Overall I think this show is heavy on paralells to BtVS, I see them everywhere, but especially with the main love triangle.

- God, I hated Stefan/Elena in the beginning. The melo-drama, the falling in love so fast and the brooding just screamed Buffy/Angel to me, and that is not my ship at all. Even the Stefan-turning-evil (for like two episodes, but still) assembled that. Lately, they become better though. I'm still not really interested in their relationship, but I don't roll my eyes everytime they're on screen together.

- Caroline has been my second favorite character all the way from the start. Yes, I loved her even when she was mean and a bit shallow, and I still hold a bit of a grudge against Bonnie and Elena for being so closed off against her. Vampire!Caroline is even more awesome then she was before, I love it when women are allowed to be strong on TV, and not just have to rely on men all the time.

- While I'm on Caroline, I love Caroline/Matt and I do not want any Caroline/Tyler. They can be friends, sure, but I don't want a relationship with them at all. No thank you. I'd rather take Caroline/Stefan before that.

- I prefer Damon/Elena, since I think they're much more interesting together than Stefan/Elena, which I've already said I don't like. I've been a bit on the edge lately though, with Damon's killing and recent evil-tendencies, but the scene where he confesses his love and then compelles her brought back my love. If they do it, which I think they will sometime, I just hope they do it justice, and that it feels natural and everything. I don't want it to be just a minor bump in the road for Stefan and Elena's epic love or anything.

- I want more Alaric! He has been so absent lately, and his bromance with Damon is awesome. I didn't like him at first, for some reason, but I warmed up to him fast and I want more!

- I'm not sure where to stand on Jeremy/Bonnie, really. It feels like Jeremy jumps from girl to girl too much almost. First he's really in love with Vicki, then Anna, and now Bonnie? Can't he just have a break from that or something? Though they were pretty cute in the latest episode, and I really like that she's older, so maybe it can work out.


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