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THIS SHOW HAS GOTTEN GOOD AGAIN! I'm so happy for that, because I was doubting for a while there with all the werewolves. Last weeks episode was good and this one was pure flail and now we have to wait until April? That's just mean.

Bits and pieces:
  • CAROLINE AND MATT! I still ship them so hard, and I went a bit mad at the scene at the Bronze Mystic Grill. Kissing! Bathroom kissing! And the way he got all protective when he heard her screaming and the way she reacted when he was attacked, struggling to overcome the blood lust and all. ♥ I'm so happy we got that bit of them being together, if telling the truth means they broke up. I loved that scene though, and I hopehopehope she doesn't compel him or anything.
  • I'm really feeling Jeremy/Bonnie too, they were wonderful in this episode and Jeremy is one of my favorite characters now, if not my favorite, and I have no idea when that happen. I LOVE HIM!
  • Damon and Katherine were terrific together, and Damon continued to act as himself the way he did in the last episode too. I want more of them together being awesome, and I realized I really missed Katherine.
  • Stefan and Elena were adorable and I think I might like them together. Nothing more to say really.
  • On the plot side (I probably shouldn't only talk about shipping) I'm kinda loving the way things are progressing. I wasn't that into the Martins so I won't be grieving them, and I'm really excited to see where this goes, with Katherine and now Isobel in the mix.
  • Now that Isobel's back they really, really should tell Jenna the truth. Or else I will be annoyed. I don't ant anymore secrecy.
To wrap my thoughts up Caroline rules my world and I love her with Matt, Jeremy/Bonnie is lovely, Katherine is very welcome back and the plot is interesting again. Yay!

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